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Bitdefender Ransomware: The Unique Way to Protect Your Computer!

Bitdefender Ransomware: The Unique Way to Protect Your Computer!

Today, ransomware is one of the most common types of cyberattacks. Once, hackers get access to business data and encrypt all the important files. It becomes difficult for the business owners to decrypt the data without a valid decryption key. Moreover, hackers ask money for the description key, but there is no surety even if you pay.

Besides this, hackers can wipe out data that is leaked on the internet despite getting money from the owner. Hence, it is essential to protect your data before getting encrypted or hacked. Here comes Bitdefender ransomware in the picture to protect your computer from unauthorised access.

In this article, we will see in depth about ransomware attacks? What is Bitdefender ransomware? and How to protect your PC against Ransomware?

What is Ransomware Attack?

The aim of the ransomware is to encrypt files, scrambling the file structure. Once encrypted, the files can’t be read or used unless the attackers can supply a decryption key. 

What is Ransomware Attack?

For the decryption of the files, hackers are asking for money which is mostly in the cryptocurrency.

The ransomware is typically accompanied by a ransom note, which tells the victim that it can’t open certain types of files on the computer. If the victim doesn’t send a payment, the files will be permanently encrypted.

The first ransomware attack occurred in 1989. This type of malware targets network-connected devices that are running outdated software. 

The most common method to acquire ransomware is through phishing scams, which trick users into clicking on malicious links. 

Once installed, the ransomware holds their data hostage and demands a ransom. It’s very important to keep the operating system up to date to avoid the risk of infection.

While some ransomware spreads automatically across the Internet, most of them are not. In the most common cases, ransomware attacks begin with a malicious email that contains a link or attachment. 

After the victim clicks on the link, the malicious software installs a ransomware agent on the victim’s PC. 

After the infection, the ransomware agent encrypts all of the key files and attached file shares. 

When the victim clicks on the link, a ransomware message appears on the screen, explaining the details of the attack and promising a code to unlock their data.

What is Bitdefender Ransomware?

The Bitdefender antivirus has an anti-ransomware feature that lets you recover encrypted files. The software can also prevent infected files from encrypting them. Although, it isn’t enough to remove ransomware entirely, it can help you restore your files after it has been encrypted by the malicious software. 

In addition, it also detects and blocks malicious processes. Unfortunately, Bitdefender doesn’t always remove the encryption, so the only way to get your files back is to use the backup you created with the tool. This is an excellent alternative to a standalone anti-ransomware program.

Bitdefender has been very successful in protecting computers against ransomware. It has reverse-engineered the code that is behind this type of malware and developed a vaccine to fight it. It also has an all-around protection mechanism.

A good antivirus program should include a decryption tool. While you’re on the search for a good antivirus, look for the Bitdefender MDR. It has a range of features and can protect your computer from ransomware attacks.

As ransomware attacks continue to be a growing threat to your computer, you should be vigilant about security. To keep your files safe, install Bitdefender.

You can also download Bitdefender for free. It’s a good idea to use both programs to protect your system from ransomware. You can choose between two options: a) Remediation option and b) a decryption package.

Bitdefender is a good option for those who are concerned about ransomware. Unlike other antivirus software, this software has been known to isolate infections. It also blocks a range of different versions of ransomware.

Bitdefender Ransomware Remediation Module:

Fortunately, Bitdefender has a Ransomware Remediation module. By default, it always remains in the active mode. If you don’t want it, you can disable it from the settings menu. You can also choose to turn off automatic restoration. 

Moreover, it will automatically start a remediation process if it detects a ransomware attack. You will also get notification of the infection, and Bitdefender will start working to restore it. 

If you’ve accidentally deleted files or lost them, you can use the Notifications menu in the Bitdefender interface to see which ones have been restored.

Even though it can’t remove the ransomware infection, it can replace the corrupted files with a backup copy of the files.

How to Protect your PC against Ransomware?

To protect your PC from ransomware, Bitdefender is a great option. However, there are many things you should consider to protect or prevent your computer against ransomware.

1️⃣ In order to protect from ransomware or any virus, it is necessary to use the latest and updated antivirus software. Additionally, it should provide online protection while you are surfing on the internet or dealing with the mails.

2️⃣ Computer operating systems have the best protection against virus attacks. Hence, always update the windows versions to get better security updates.

3️⃣ Sometimes, you may lose your important data despite unique protection against viruses. Thus, keep a schedule online and offline backup of your vital personal and professional data.

4️⃣ Always keep administration permission control to access vital data within the organisation to avoid data theft or hacking.

5️⃣ Creating a password or pin for data access is a best practice to save your data to be encrypted due to ransomware.

6️⃣ Sometimes malicious ads over the internet also cause hacks or data theft. To protect your computer use ad-blocking to avoid unnecessary ads.

7️⃣ Do not open or click a link from the spam emails. This is the soft target for the hackers to get access to your computer and data. You can also use an anti-spam filter to reduce non-relevant spam emails.


In a nutshell, Bitdefender ransomware provides better security against ransomware attacks. However, it is necessary to follow protection steps to avoid encryption of your data.

For the money, hackers are finding different ways to get access to your computer. Ransomware is also one of them. Nevertheless, it is up to you how much protection you applied to save your personal and professional data.

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