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Facebook App Not Working? Fix it within 1 Minute!

Despite its popularity, Facebook can experience some problems. One of the major problems Facebook app not working is you can not access the app on your smartphone. Another problem is you might not be able to log into Facebook or it may take forever to load content. Last but not least, the app may crash during the start or while you using it.

If you’re experiencing Facebook not working on Android, don’t let your mood change, and try the several methods given below that can help you to get rid of this error within 1 minute.

Facebook App Not Working Fix it within 1 Minute

1️⃣ Check for the Internet Connection

If the Facebook app not working on your device, the first thing to check is the internet connection. Make sure that the device is connected to the internet and that the connection is strong.

If the connection is weak, try moving closer to the router or connecting to a different network. Also, make sure that the device is not in sleep mode.

If your iPhone or iPad is in sleep mode, you can wake it and then use Facebook to check for errors.

If your phone is in airplane mode you can not use mobile data, however, you can still access the Facebook app from the wifi network.

2️⃣ Log out and Log in again

Login again may help you to work if your Facebook app is not working. Sometimes there is a problem with a profile while it is usually active on multiple devices. So it is essential to log out from all devices and log in again on one device.

You have to simply log out from the Facebook app settings and enter your credential such as email address/username/phone number along with your password to log in.

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3️⃣ Update the Facebook app from the Store

An outdated version of your app may cause the Facebook app not working problems often. To tackle this issue you need to update the app from the app store.

You can check for the latest version of the app from the app store. You need to go to the app page and if you see the ‘Update’ button highlighted, means you got the update for the Facebook app. Then simply press the button and the rest store will be done for you.

Another way is to navigate to the profile section in the Play Store at the right top corner and press the “Manage apps and device” button and you will see all the apps that need to be updated.

4️⃣ Force close the Facebook app from Settings

Force closing the app may stop all the processes and notifications at the same time but it may be helpful if Facebook not working or is unstable.

To force close the Facebook app you need to get app manager from the settings. Find the Facebook app and click on the icon. Now you can find the Force Stop icon bottom of the screen. When clicking on the button, it will ask for confirmation. By confirming your app will be stopped and killed by all the activities that run background.

It is a kind of soft restart. Now, check whether the application is working or not

5️⃣ Reset Facebook App Settings to Default

If you still facing the same issue and your Facebook app not working, you can reset all the Facebook app settings to default. It happens when you change the important setting accidentally.

Some technical issues with your smartphone also block Facebook and your app may not work. To reset the settings go to the app manager and select the FB app. Now scroll down and click on the set as default and clear all the default by clicking the ‘Clear’ button.

6️⃣ Clear Cache and Data from Apps Manager

The next method is clear the cache and data if your Facebook app still not working. To do this go to the app manager and select the Facebook app after scrolling down.

In the menu, click on the storage button and you will get two options at the bottom. The first one is the clear the cache and which will clear all the temporary data held by Facebook.

While as clear data will remove all the user data along with credentials, hence, you have to enter your username and password again if you want to access the Facebook app. In most cases, this option works best, but in your case, if it doesn’t work try alternate methods.

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7️⃣ Uninstall and Re-install the Facebook App

Reinstalling the app may fix the problem if something is wrong with the android device. It also works in situations where you don’t know what exactly is the problem causing the error.

You can uninstall the Facebook android app in two ways, the first is to uninstall the app from the main menu. Just long-click on the icon and select the uninstall option. The second method is from the app manager, go to the app manager and select the Facebook app. At the bottom, you can see uninstall option, click on the button and confirm it to successfully uninstall the application from the device.

Now go to the Google Play store or Apple store and find the Facebook application either from the application page or from the search bar by typing ‘FB’ or ‘Facebook’. Select the app and click on the install button to install the Facebook application on the device.

8️⃣ Reboot the Android or Apple Device

Rebooting the device may provide more catch for the Facebook application and your app may start working. While you reboot the device, your background application closes automatically, and memory becomes free.

Another way to fix a Facebook app that is not working is by forcing the reboot of the device. To do this, you need to hold down the power and volume buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds. After a few seconds, the phone will reboot and power on again. Once the logo appears, you should release the keys. Restarting the device can fix the issue, but only if Facebook is still crashing.

For the Android, long press the power button and you will see different options such as reboot, shut down, and emergency mode. Select the reboot option and your phone will automatically restart.

9️⃣ Allow Required Permissions from the Permission Manager

If the above solutions not working, you might have an issue with permissions. To fix this, navigate to the Permissions section of the settings menu. This will allow you to control how Facebook accesses your device. After completing this step, you can go ahead and install the latest version of Facebook.

🔟 Reset the Password and Allow Two-factor verification

If your Facebook app isn’t working on Android or Apple, it may be time to reset your password. To do this, visit the Facebook app’s login page and follow the prompts. This should reset your password. Afterward, you can try logging back into your Facebook account.

In addition, setting up two-factor verification may help you to protect your Facebook account from hackers and scammers. You may lose access to your account in this situation, hence, it is always necessary to secure your Facebook account.

Account Banned or Restricted by Facebook

If you are involved in some activity that is against Facebook policy then Facebook may restrict or ban your account. This limitation may cause problems while you try to access your Facebook account.

You need to check with the customer support team and confirm what policy you breach or what is the reason for limiting your account. You after need to give your identity or remove violated data in order to get back your Facebook account.

Final Thought

There might be some issues with the Facebook app on your Android or Apple smartphone that cause the facebook not working error. In this kind of situation, don’t be frustrated and try the different methods given above that can solve your error within 1 minute.

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