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Why Office 365 Spam Filter is Important for Users?

Office 365 spam filter is useful to fighting against spamming the emails. Fortunately, it is easy to set up in couple of minutes in the Office 365. By setting up spam filter, you can easily reduce the number of junk emails you receive and keep your inbox clean.

In this article, we will se what is the importance of the office 365 spam filter in order to block spamming email activities. In addition, we will also learn how to configure setting in Microsoft Office 365.

💡 Why Office 365 Spam Filter is Important?

While the default filtering policy in Office 365 offers some robust anti-spam protection. By using this filter, you’ll be able to effectively protect your company from phishing emails.

The basic Office 365 spam filter is capable of blocking spam messages. It also has a good reputation and is a vital part of a modern organisation’s security.

It is essential to keep your organisation protected and your clients happy. Here are some points which describe why the office 365 spam filter is important for the users.

1️⃣ To Control Email Inbox Size

Microsoft Office 365 spam filter is an effective way to control email inbox size. With it, administrators can create custom block lists and configure their messages to be accepted or rejected.

They can also customise the content of the body and subject of each message. The main difference between Office XP and Office 365 spam filters is that Office XP uses a proprietary system. You can modify the settings to suit your needs.

2️⃣ Uses Antivirus Engines

By default, the Office 365 spam filter uses antivirus engines that use signature-based detection methods. This means that it will detect known threats like malware.

However, new variants are continuously released and the antivirus engines of spam filters need to keep up with the latest developments.

To minimise the chance of misclassification, many of these filters integrate sandboxes, which allow you to test suspicious email attachments for malicious actions.

3️⃣ Enhanced with Various Features

Office 365 spam filters can be enhanced with various features. Users can increase the spam score by marking emails that contain JavaScript and empty text.

They can also learn how to mark phishing emails and other suspicious emails as junk or spam. Moreover, they can set up different email policies, and even set up email signatures, which will help the spam filter identify unwanted messages.

4️⃣ Latest Spam Prevention Technologies

Microsoft Office 365 spam filter works well with the latest spam prevention technologies. Its advanced email filters can block the majority of malicious messages, including spear phishing.

This is the primary reason why so many businesses are trying to improve the spam filter on Office XP. To add to this, they usually purchase third-party anti spam software.

Greylisting is the best feature for improving the spam filter on Office XP. This feature helps identify phishing messages and returns them to the originating mail server.

Most mail servers resend returned emails to the recipient after a few minutes. But, this is not the case with spammers’ mail servers, since they are busy sending spam to their subscribers.

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5️⃣ Improve the quality of your email

While the spam filter in Office XP will not block every phishing email, it can detect and mark emails as spam.

Unlike other spam filters, Office XP spam filter has a few advanced options that can improve the quality of your email.

Some of these advanced features allow you to add more spam protection on your PC. The default setting is a basic one, but it can be disabled in the Advanced mode.

6️⃣ Help you keep track of spam

The more advanced spam filter can also help you keep track of spam. It allows you to set up a safe list to protect your personal information.

It can also store emails from trusted senders and reduce the number of false positives. But it is important to make sure that you use the proper option for your needs.

If you are worried about phishing emails, the advanced spam filter will be of great assistance. It is essential that you use Office 365 to protect your computer.

7️⃣ Integrated with Exchange Online Protection (EOP)

EOP is another popular feature in the Office 365 platform. It helps you to stop spam emails. In addition to preventing spam emails, it also helps you to block phishing emails.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the EOP also allows you to control the number of messages you want to receive from trusted senders.

It also offers several other useful options. These filters can help you to manage the amount of spam messages in your mailbox.

💡 How to Enable Office 365 Spam Filter?

The very first step is to open the admin centre to enable Office 365 spam filter. Once you reach the Admin Centre, choose the Mail option.

From the drop-down menu, click the Exchange tab. In the Mail settings, click the Protection tab. You can also change the priority of a custom policy. By default, a policy that has a priority of zero will be run first.

How to Enable Office 365 Spam Filter?

To configure the policy, you must first select the Outbound policy and then click the Add icon. You can then enter the email address of the sender. A new window will appear.

Now you should see the Policy Manager. You can enable or disable policies and manage their priority order. The Default policy is the most effective unless you have more than one email address.

If you use different email addresses for your business, it's best to set the priority to a higher number. If you want to configure the spam filter for the whole office, you should add a custom rule. The default rule is named Anti-spam inbound policy.

You can customise the rules by clicking the Advanced Content Control tab. This feature is not available in the default filtering feature of Office 365. 

In the Message Settings pane, click the ‘Policy’ tab. Then, click the Qualifying Policy button. If the message is quarantined, you can then select a different policy.

Once you have enabled the Anti-spam feature, you can then configure the Spam Policy. To change the default policy, click on the Configure button. From the Connection Filtering menu, choose a Safe List. The safelist consists of trusted senders.

Adding trusted senders to the list reduces the number of false positives. It also increases the chances of receiving more spam. You can even set the date range for spam notifications, which will allow you to adjust the settings.

Hence, by following this direction you can easily activate office 365 spam filter to protect inbox from the spammers.


To conclude, in this article we saw why it is important to having office 365 spam filter in order to prevent fishing & spamming activities. In addition, we also learned how to activate or enable spam filter for office 365.

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