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Human Augmentation: Look Inside to the Future Human Benchmark (2023)

Human Augmentation Next Generation Human Benchmark

Human Augmentation offers people an opportunity to be more creative, more productive, and have a larger social impact.

The development in this field can set the next-generation human benchmark in the evolution of humans themselves.

However, we must remember that there will always be some controversial issues surrounding these types of technologies.

Such as, can the humans survive the ethical questions surrounding the use of Human Augmentation in the future?

However, at this point, we don’t know the answer to that question, but one thing is for sure. Human enhancement technology will continue to be a hot topic for years to come. 

Many people will find that they want to try new Human enhancement techniques to overcome ethical issues. Moreover, they accept that they will be forced to try new human enhancement techniques in the future.

Although, whatever the case may be, there will always be controversy surrounding this subject.

This article refers to how human augmentation will allow humans to stretch their limits and live longer by enhancing human proportions.

What is Human Augmentation

Human augmentation refers to the process of adding or enhancing bodily functions with the aid of technological means such as implants, surgery, skin grafts, or tissue expansion.

These technological means may be bioartificial or natural type. Human Augmented definition can be considered as the science of modifying the human base or make human healthier and provide quality of life.

Human Augmentation

The human body consists of various organs and systems. One of them is the brain and It helps in human thinking and decision-making.

According to recent studies, the human brain is the most precious medical asset of humans. One way to enhance brain capacity is through the use of human augmentation technology.

A human body part can be removed or added to another body part. It is possible with surgery or through the use of implants.

For instance, a person may have ears removed and then replaced by ears made out of silicone or plastinated into their skin.

Similarly, a person may have a breast removed and replace it with a breast implant or one made out of saline.

In addition, human augmentation has become a popular method of body advancement across the world. It has become so popular that many countries have developed and maintained private tissue banks.

The private tissue banks provide tissue for medical treatments and research into human body parts. It may help save money but also add an extra level of protection for the patient.

Application of Human Augmentation

Human augmentation technology allows a person to increase their physical capabilities. It can be achieved by replacing or increasing the size of muscles or increasing the nerves involved in the movement.

Some augmentations even allow for tissue engineering or miniaturization of organs. It allows a person to live a more fulfilling and successful life.

Furthermore, there are some medical conditions in which traditional methods of treatment may not work. For example, brain implants and artificial body parts implants.

In such cases, this technology provides an alternate method to surgery. Since all parts of the body can be replaced using these technologies, a person can experience great improvements in their health.

In addition, people using human enhancement technology to improve their appearance.

With the help of this technology, a person can increase or decrease the size of some body parts. For instance, a person can change the size of the chin, hips, lips, and breasts.

Some individuals are born with physical defects which make them look less than perfect. However, this technology can change their lives by providing artificial organs which work and look like human organs.

One of the most promising applications of this technology is to provide the body of a paralyzed or injured person with the ability to use their body parts again.

This technology is known as neuro-artificial implants. In the future, this technology will help a paralyzed person regain the use of his parts.

It is also possible that these devices will replace parts of the body that have become useless due to injury or age.

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Types of Human Body Parts Augmentation

With the help of modern science, a person no longer needs to worry about their body, as they can be beautiful without having to undergo painful and expensive surgery.

It was rare and limited in the early 21st century when you see some celebrity or a model implant body parts to enhance their appearance.

Nowadays, it has become a trend to change body parts to look glamorous as anyone can accessible and affordable compare to the past.

Many parts of the body are implantable with this technology, and some parts are in clinical trials. Here are some important detail about different human body parts augmentation.

Types of Human Body Parts Augmentation
Types of Human Body Parts Augmentation

1. Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation has become popular as women can increase or reduce the size of their breasts to enhance the look.

The material using in this process is silicone. There are two ways to perform the surgery. First one is the prefill-silicone and needs to implant into the body.

While, the second method, silicone filling into the breast during the surgery. Although, most of the women consider the first method as they feel like a natural breast augmentation.

Approximate cost of breast augmentation – $3000 to $5000 USD

2. Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is the second most popular human body augmentation. It is a kind of cosmetic procedure that gives well-covered or fuller lips.

The method in which dermal fillers are injected into the lips is generally used in augmentation.

Approximate cost of lip augmentation – $1000 to $3000 USD

3. Hip Augmentation or Butt Augmentation

Hip augmentation or Butt augmentation consists of the implantation or transfer the body fat to change the shape of the hips.

Sometimes silicon is also using as a filler as it gives natural augmentation. The same procedure can be applied in calf or thigh augmentation.

Approximate cost of hip augmentation – $5500 to $8000 USD

4. Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is the surgery In which the size and the shape of the chin can be change by an implant or reshaping the bones. Sometimes to create a jawline, people are spending on this surgery.

Approximate cost of hip augmentation – $3000 to $4000 USD

5. Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation is the processor in which doctors implant soft tissues, own body fat, to reshape the cheeks.

Plastic surgeons can change or reshape the patient’s face by solid implant over the face or cheekbones. However, cheek augmentation can be use in both accidental face recovery or cosmetic surgical procedures to look beautiful.

Approximate cost of hip augmentation – $3000 to $5000 USD

Future Scope of Human body Augmentation Technology

Researches on Human Augmentation focus on improving the accessibility and usability of human clinical records for clinical trials that may lead to treatments for Alzheimer’s, cancer, and other diseases.

There is a high level of interest in this field because of the potential to apply knowledge to problems in many different domains, such as healthcare.

Additionally, research focuses on developing the field of bioartificial intelligence to provide personalized care.

It also deals with developing a distributed cloud network in which all physical and non-physical information is stored in its own secure online cloud servers.

In contrast, the future scope of Human Augmentation addresses various issues about ethical and legal issues.

The research uses big data analytics for understanding cultural differences across time and cultures for better coordination and integration of medical practices.

It includes studying the relationship between the social context and technological background in the application of Human Augmentation.

However, scientists and medical researchers are trying human augmentation to enhance the physical output of the body to extend human limits. In the future same like computers, the human bean might require a human benchmark test to measure their capacity and ability to work.


In conclusion, the bottom line is that Human Augmentation technology is going to continue to grow and become more popular. In the future, there will be special surgeries for people born with some inherent condition.

Moreover, there will be devices that will allow you to order parts for your body to make it stronger or faster. The possibilities are much higher that no longer human require to perform surgery because of the advanced future technology.

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