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Windows 11 Update: The Features Microsoft Must Consider

Recently, Microsoft has announced the event, and the world is waiting to look new version of windows. Things will be more clear on the 24th of June and we could get an answer of will there be a windows 11 update.

Despite guessing what will be the new things in the event, Microsoft has already given many clues in the latest promo on Twitter. Undoubtedly, the latest promo on Twitter has become the talk of the town. The sunlight coming from the windows is making the shape of the number 11. In more, the timing of the Microsoft event will be 11 am.

However, Microsoft promises the Windows 10 would be the last operating system for desktop computers. But now it looks like rather than updating Windows 10, Microsoft is moving to a new version of the window.

The popularity of Windows 10 can not be forgotten as current market sharing is more than 75%. But, on the other hand, problems and bugs Microsoft has resolved with the updates also put some negative impact on the users.

The table below shows that Windows 10 and Windows 7 almost share 95% of desktops running on the Windows operating system. Nevertheless, as windows 10 sharing 78% of the current market, it may take a while for windows 11 update to overtake the old windows OS.

Windows Version users in percentage
Windows version users in percentage

Currently, future technology and software developments are the most important things for big tech companies. Somehow, windows can’t be excluded from the list despite Microsoft denying it. 24th June could be a windows 11 release date.

This article will focus on the top seven features that Microsoft should consider in Windows 11 update.

  1. Advance Browser to Compete with Rivals
  2. Next Level Xbox Gaming
  3. User Interface that users like
  4. User Friendly Automatic backup
  5. Security Updates of Windows 11
  6. Better Performance of Disk Usage
  7. Search and Start Menu in Windows 11
Will there be a Windows 11 update?
The evolution of Microsoft Windows from 1985

Advance Browser to Compete with Rivals

Microsoft started internet explorer browser on August 1995. Initially, there was no competition among the internet browser. Hence, internet explorer was standing alone in the market.

However, the popularity of the Chrome browser on the desktop and mobile increased the gap by a significant margin. As a result, Microsoft required to promote the internet explorer to make it the default browser.

The performance pressure on Windows has always been higher as Internet explorers lacking in small and medium-range devices. In addition, it becomes pretty hard to use internet explorer if you have less than 8GB RAM.

In January 2015, Microsoft launched Edge to replace the internet explorer for the desktop. It has some features like the “Reading List” function, and It makes it easier for the users to read the content o the websites. In addition, Microsoft Edge was compatible with Microsoft’s virtual assistant called Cortana. Cortana provides personalized information and advances search functionality.

Despite having advanced features, Edge was also struggling to make a significant impact on the users. As a result, Microsoft must promote more and more to divert users from the rival browsers.

Every time Microsoft announces a new or upgraded version of windows, the eyes stick to the changes in the browser. That will happen the same in the next upcoming event of Microsoft. It is desirable to advance in the Edge browser to compete with the strong rivals.

Experts are looking for innovations in the algorithms that will increase the overall performance of the internet browser. Microsoft might give up on the low-end market to make windows browsers smart enough to work on energy-efficient components and powerful PCs.

Next Level Xbox Gaming

Xbox console providing entertainment with new generation games. It was difficult for Microsoft to impress the public in this field, as Sony PlayStation has a tremendous fanbase. However, Microsoft remains strong in the area as Xbox became popular in the gaming Console and PCs.

Furthermore, Microsoft attracting users by providing the Xbox game Ultimate Pass. For the first three months , you need to pay small amount like 1$ for the trial. However, the benefits you will get are much exciting. It has more than 100 High-quality games for the console and PC; you can play it for free.

Xbox gaming Microsoft Windows

In addition, Xbox will provide benefits of its service called Xbox Live Gold. It will also give you free games which deal with the gold every month. In addition, you will get more value of rewards in the multiplayer perks.

The dual subscription with the one ultimate pass gives Microsoft massive success. Furthermore, it makes it more user-friendly when a person can access the game on both console and pc with the same pass.

In the next version, Microsoft should consider making it a streaming base interface. The person can access the same game from the PC or Laptop by cloud computing. It will save the disk of the computer as it doesn’t need to install the game. Somehow, Microsoft has to protect unfinished Games on the cloud to keep the game data for the user.

Microsoft has already worked on this direction, and if testing succeeded, you would see it in the next version of Windows 11 update.

User Interface that users like

The interface of Windows 10 looks like overlapping the previous version of Windows. With the new version of Windows, Microsoft needs to change the design slightly. For example, the icons can be seen as Windows XP and Windows 7.

Control panel of the Microsoft Windows
Control panel layout should be change in the new version of Windows OS

Settings and systems are advances, but Microsoft should deliver modern layouts and attractive interfaces to impress Windows users. Unfortunately, some of the functionality is the same as before the 20sβ€”so-called old school. Significantly, the control panel layout and interface are not much changed from the decade.

Microsoft should consider interfacing remarkably changed with the new version of Windows 11 update, and algorithms should be according to modern users.

User Freindly Automatic backup

In the current version of windows, Microsoft providing three types of automatic backup options.

  1. Backup using File History
  2. Backup files to the Microsoft OneDrive
  3. Windows 7 Backup and Restore
Backup should be easy in new version of Windows 11

For the general users, it may be a headache to deal with these back-ups and restore process. In general, users want to save their data for the future in a simple way.

Windows should introduce a recovery mode to simplify data recovery for the users. Just one click required to perform the task. Windows Recovery mode makes it easier to recover deleted files from the Windows recovery tool. Hence, users have a surety of their essential or memorable data.

In addition, Microsoft has Azure cloud service, which is considered one the most prominent service in the world. It is not a bad idea to avail that service for Windows backup and restore. Microsoft can charge a reasonable amount to provide close services for the Windows PC.

Security Updates of Windows 11

Security has always been vital for windows users. However, people are now aware of how much it can cause virus damage after a ransomware attack on a Windows PC. Though Microsoft provided build-in features with the windows defender to get protection against ransomware. The function is available as the virus & threat protection.

Ransomware protection in Microsoft Windows 10

The security updates seem advanced, but Microsoft is working on making it more secure and reliable. The new version of Window might contain features like Windows recovery mode, Windows Experience, and an advanced version of the Windows Defender.

Better Performance of Disk Usage

The new version of Windows needs to deliver better performance related to disk usage. When you download a big application from the internet and remove it, it will eventually reduce the overall disk size.

It is observed that the new program takes up a significant portion of the disk space, so running the same program in Windows 11 should lead to a further reduction in the disk space.

Another issue with the current Windows 10 OS is, user, experiences 100% Disk usage even not a single application is running on the computer. When you face this kind of issue in the startup, it may take more than 5minutes to start the window.

In addition, you may get this issue while surfing on the net or playing any games on the desktop. People keep searching on the internet and developer sites to fix this issue. However, it takes much time to solve this issue, or you need to format the PC.

Fixing the problems and solving the issues should be the priority of any company. Thus, Microsoft should provide customer care or suite to help people from suffering this kind of issues.

Search and Start Menu in Windows 11

Many people are complaining about the poor search feature in Windows OS if you search on the internet. They will describe how difficult it is to search for a particular key or area in the start menu. They will further explain how to add or remove Programs from the Start menu and search the files and folders.

Search and Start menu in Microsoft Windows

Windows 11 should develop new features and enhancements like the Microsoft Edge browser and Microsoft’s Word processor. For example, you will search all the files and folders on your computer quickly using this feature.

Furthermore, the start menu should be revamped entirely; Users can search for the programs, files, and options by just clicking on the name or address bar of the program. It will make the Windows system more efficient for the users.

Another great feature of the start menu should be the quick access of the task manager and the taskbar, which allow the user to run multiple jobs simultaneously.

Despite having the same old search function for Windows, Microsoft should enable Windows 10 PowerToy as a default search tool. With PowerToy, the user needs to enter a shortcut key on the keyboard anytime, and you will find documents, photos or apps at a glance.

Conclusion of Windows 11 update

To conclude, put in a nutshell, Microsoft will bring new features and functions in the upcoming windows upgradation. In 2015, Windows 10 launched with many advanced features. Hence, it is expected to see next-generation core features and function in the next forthcoming Microsoft event. The event is at the end of June, so until then, people might have curious whether Microsoft will upgrade the old version or will there be a windows 11.

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