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Web Development Projects {Top-10} You Should Try Now

The question most web developers ask is what are the top web development projects we should try to enhance our skills and portfolio? Students in their final year of college and freshers who just completed the study have this common question all of the time.

In the beginning, you have to think about what projects you should try to upskill and get experience.

However, I made it easy for you by providing top-10 web development projects. You can refer to them one by one and try to develop projects to get confidence in the web development field.

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In this article, you will get information about top-10 web development projects for students, practice, final year, GitHub, and beginners. In addition, you will get answers to the questions How do web developers get projects? What are the topics in Web development?

Top-10 Web Development Projects

1. Random Number Generator

To begin with a random number generator web app, you can start making it with PHP, HTML, and CSS combined.

This is one of the easy web development projects for students and freshers who just started learning web development.

By using this web app, you can generate random numbers in many forms such as dice rolls, random numbers on different objects, or random numbers in simple text form.

To build and design this project you have to work with different languages as mentioned below

  1. PHP – Functionality of the project
  2. HTML – Web Page Structure
  3. CSS – Custom styling of web page
  4. Web hosting or web server

Moving to the 2nd web development project, which is a link-shortening website. You will find many links that are too lengthy and include more than 100 characters.

However, there are no such limitations on those links but it looks messy and difficult to share over the internet.

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Hence, this project will help you to shorten those length links in the short form to easily share, better search engine optimization, and make it more convenient for people.

There are some conditions you should meet in order to make a link shorten website such as

  1. It should be one click process for the link shortened.
  2. You need to provide redirection to the original link from shortened one.
  3. Provide an area for pasting the long link and the same way to copy short links.

3. To-Do list

The next in the list is to make a simple To-do list. This project focuses on and saves the user’s data on a daily basis. Users create, update, and remove the task from the to-do list.

To-Do list - web development project

Thus, some function listed below is mandatory to make a to-do list web development app.

  • It is easily accessible and manageable by the user.
  • Users can create the task and it should be visible in the row
  • Once a task is completed there should be a tick box available to complete the task.
  • Finished tasks shouldn’t appear in the list of remaining tasks.
  • You can make another layout for the finished and remaining task.
  • The data should be stored in the local storage with the permission
  • To enhance the app you can integrate reminder functions into the project.
  • Current data and time give a better user interface.

4. Countdown Timer

The countdown timer is also one of the easy web development projects students should try. The countdown is usually required whenever you are waiting for any event like launching a new project, opening a store or company, new year, or birthday party.

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You have to give the following area to users so they can enter their data

  1. Time remaining for the event
  2. Event name
  3. In advanced version include notifications for the users
  4. Provide Peace and Start button if any kind of delay in the event

The aim of this project is to decrease the seconds from the total time and it should appear on the screen until the event starts.

In addition, the screen layout should highlight the day, hours, minutes, and second in big bold fonts. The project can be done with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

5. Weather forecast website

In this web development project, you can make a global weather forecast website to show the current and next 7 days’ weather.

Weather forecast website

There are some important detail given following you should consider while making a website

  1. Overall weather
  2. Temperature
  3. Wind Speed
  4. Humidity
  5. UV index
  6. Rain Precipitation
  7. Current date and time
  8. Pictures of the Sun, Moon, Cloud, and Thunderstorm

The interface should be simple so that when users enter the city name they can easily navigate and find the weather information for that particular city.

You might need a database to collect and store weather information all around the world.

Some advancements you can also consider such as live visualization and parameter changes, you can access the location with the user’s permission, and you can provide a chart for the descent view.

6. Create a forum website

This is one of the medium to high-level web development projects for web developers.

It is the best platform to interact with people who belong to the same community. They can ask questions and get answers from people. For reference, you can visit Stack Overflow and Quora websites.

In the same way, students from schools and colleges share their study materials and important notes.

To make this kind of web design, developers need to pick a topic in which people can visit and find a solution for their projects.

Multiple sub-forums or categories make it simple for users to navigate quickly and find the appropriate solution.

By doing this project you will get large user data to handle but people will get valuable information within a few seconds.

7. Appointment Management System

If you consider making a bit of a difficult web development project, then the appointment management system suite is better.

Appointment Management System

Generally, appointment management is required when a company or organization deals with many customers at the same time.

To avoid rush among customers at places like clinics, government work, and business meetings this application helps a lot.

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Through this application or webpage, a relevant customer can select the data and timing to visit a particular place by booking an appointment.

You have to make an application or web page according to the company as well as the user’s point of view.

Companies can easily manage appointment slotting by updating whenever required.

Similarly, you can provide an advanced customer interface so people can see available slots, schedule, and cancel. and reschedule the appointment.

8. RSS feed reader website

RSS feed reader website is one of the easy to medium-level web development projects. The news website and blog website maintain the RSS feed for the users. By using this feed other websites or blogs can see the real-time content of the website.

You have to build a website or a tool that can fetch the information from the RSS feed URL and give data about the blog such as title, URL link, date, and author name.

In addition, you can provide functionality where users can submit more than one RSS URL to fetch the information. You can also show the data in the HTML form on the webpage.

9. Web Contact form

Another PHP, HTML, and CSS base web development project is a web contact form. The simple form is used to collect the various personal and professional information of the users.

Web Contact form

So you have to create the PHP script and web design which can generate the blank form for the users. After, the user can access the form and input the data with the relevant information.

Usually, the form contains information such as the user’s name, address, email address, contact number, and date of birth.

You can add more options such as profession, education, and financial information if required. However, you have to give some options such as submit, edit, and cancel in the user interface.

10. Personal Website SEO setup

Last but not least, a web development project is a personal website SEO setup. This is one of the medium-level web development projects for the web developer.

You can make your personal website either a portfolio or blog to show your work and eventually index in google.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role to rank your website in Google Search or Bing searches.

Moreover, practicing HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, and other languages to make a website is a great experience gainer project.

Especially college students and beginner web developers should try this project to make a solid place in the field of web development.

Google and other search engine algorithms are ranking the website depending on the SEO. However, there are so many factors involved in SEO.

The ideal web page contains the following things for the SEO

  1. Title
  2. Heading and Subheadings (H1, H2, H3…)
  3. Images with Alt text
  4. Focus Keyword
  5. Intro
  6. Body part
  7. Paragraph

There are many more factors that can affect the SEO setup, but these are the main factors. It takes 4 days to 4 weeks to index your website and furthermore time to rank your website at a better position.

๐Ÿ’ก How do web developers get projects?

  1. Make beginner web development projects
  2. Show your skills and those projects in your resume and portfolio
  3. Make your personal portfolio website
  4. Share to social media for marketing
  5. Approach the clients direct or online
  6. Join freelancing websites like Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr
  7. Join the communities on Stack Overflow, Quora, and Reddit

๐Ÿ’ก What are the topics in web development projects?

  1. Basic to advance web designing (Personal website, Portfolio)
  2. Web developing apps (Weather Info, Link Shorten)
  3. Forum websites (Stack Overflow, Quora)
  4. Utility apps (Clock, To-do list, Stopwatch)
  5. Games (Flexbox Defense, CSS Diner, Flexbox Froggy)
  6. Tracker (Covid tracker, Sleep tracker, Medicine dose tracker)

Final Thoughts on Web Development Projects

In a nutshell, we saw top-10 web development projects for students, practice, final year, GitHub, and beginners. To gain useful experience in the web development field these projects will give you confidence.

In addition, you can also include these projects in your portfolio or resume to show your skills and work if you are planning to join a web development company.

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