No Location Found on iPhone | Try These Fixes Now (2023)

No Location Found on iPhone | Try These Fixes Now (2023)

If you own an iPhone, you may have noticed that the “No Location Found” error message pops up from time to time. This can be a headache when you are using your iPhone and see this error while you need the location services the most.

Location services are necessary when you are in an unknown area or place and trying to get out of there. In this situation, it can be really frustrating when your iPhone says “No Location Found” or “No Location Available.”

Apart from this, many applications and games require location access to perform some tasks. For example, banking applications require a location to be turned on in order to make a transaction.

A widespread problem with iPhone users is that they don’t know how to fix the “No Location Found” error. This error happens when a user tries to use the iPhone location feature and it doesn’t work.

It is mandatory for iPhone users to learn about why their iPhone shows this error, what are the reasons behind this error, and how to fix it on their own. Well, you will get all the answers at a glance, just go through each cause and try to fix the error.

No Location Found on iPhone

Why Does My iPhone Say ‘No Location Found’?

When you see this error or message on your iPhone, that means you are not getting signals from the satellite for some reason. This message appears when your iPhone cannot find your location.

This can be due to several reasons, including a weak GPS signal, incorrect date or time setting, or a location services setting that is turned off. However, this will not permanently disable your location service, so don’t panic in this condition.

You need to find a problem and try to fix it as soon as possible to get rid of the “No Location Found” error. During this time you definitely can not use location service or any application, game, or software on the iPhone which requires location access.

Now, let’s focus on why your iPhone says no location found and try appropriate fixes to solve this problem quickly.

1️⃣ Check your Location Services Setting

To use the location service, you need to keep activating the location service on. You can see an arrow in the status bar, which you can see only if your “Location services” are Turned On. For some reason, it may turn off and you will not receive the GPS signal and see “No Location Found”.

So, if your location service is off then your phone or applications will not pick your location. To turn on location services, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. If this does not fix your problem then try the next one.

2️⃣ Check your GPS Signal

If you are in an area with a weak GPS signal, your iPhone may not be able to specify your precise location and you can see the error on your screen. You may also face this problem when you are on the ground floor or in the basement of a multi-story building.

This basically cuts off or blocks the GPS signals. To improve your GPS signal, try moving to a different location where you are getting a strong signal. This is the most common reason why you’re getting no signal found on your iPhone. If this will not fix your problem then try the next one!

3️⃣ Restart your iPhone to fix No Location Found

You can fix many errors or problems by just restarting your phone, the “No Location Found” error is one of them. This is not only limited to the iPhone, it also works on Android devices as well.

When you restart your iPhone, it will clear caught memory, prevent system crashes, run smoothly, and increase battery life. Hence, if the error occurs due to some software glitch, restarting the phone will fix the common issues.

To restart your iPhone, hold down the power button until the ‘Slide to Power Off’ message appears. Slide the power off, and then wait a few seconds before holding down the power button again to turn your iPhone back on.

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4️⃣ Update iPhone to the Latest Version

If you are not using the latest iOS software version of your Apple device, you may face the “No Location Found” error. Apple keeps updating its Operating System to deal with bugs and issues that users face while using the iPhone. Updating the latest OS is always a good practice to keep your device running smoothly without errors and glitches.

You can update the latest version of iPhone software from either device itself or from Apple’s iTunes software.

For the device, go to the General app and follow the sequence given below:

Settings > General > Software Update > Install (if available)

For iTunes,

Select Device > Summary > Check for Updates > Install (if available)

Both these methods first will check for the latest version is available or not. If a new version is available it will prompt the message and you just need to install it. If this method does not work for you try resetting your iPhone.

5️⃣ Reset your iPhone to fix No Location Found

If none of the above methods fix the “No Location Found” or “No Location Available” error. Then the last option is to factory reset your iPhone. It will erase all your stored data and change all your settings to default mode. However, the Apple iPhone provides an option if you don’t want to erase all the personal data and only reset all the settings.

You can factory reset your iPhone in two ways. One option is to do it manually from the settings, and another is from Apple’s iTunes software. Always keep a backup of your important data from your device before you perform the factory reset.

Reset your iPhone to fix No Location Found

From the device, you need to go to the Setting and tap on the General. At the bottom, you will see the Reset button, tap on it and you will get options for resetting the phone. “Erase All content and Setting” will erase all the data from your device storage. If you want to keep the data and reset all the settings choose “Reset All Settings.”

From iTunes, select your device from the list available on the left side, that is connected with the iTunes account. Here is the sequence you need to follow in order to reset your iPhone.

Select Device > Summary > Restore iPhone > Confirm.

Once you do this, your iPhone will be reset to its factory settings.

6️⃣ Problem with Hardware [No Location Found]

Hopefully, one of these steps will fix the ‘No Location Found’ message on your iPhone. If restarting, resetting, and updating your iPhone doesn’t fix the “No Location Found” error, it’s likely that there’s a problem with your iPhone’s hardware.

This will be more frustrating, but if your phone is under warranty, you need to take your phone to the Apple store and fix the hardware problem that causes the “No Location Found” problem. Basically, they check the hardware and then try to repair or replace the hardware.

If your warranty period is over then it may be costly for you. However, you still need to take it to an Apple Store or an authorised repair centre.


In nutshell, location services are important to service the many utilities across Apple devices. If you facing the “No Location Found” error due to a software or hardware issue, try the above fixes in order to remove the error as soon as possible.

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